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Bringing real mobility to your mobile phone


The selfieGlove is the only smartphone  enclosure that keeps your  phone in  your  hand  while  doing  health  and   fitness  activities.  Other  phone enclosures  are  attached to your bicep  or  hip which makes it difficult  to  see  your  phone  screen  with-out  interrupting  your  workout  to  take the phone enclosure off your body to get it back into  your hands  to see  and operate it.


With the selfieGlove's  patent design,  you can:  

  • Keep your phone in your hand making it quick and easy to answer your phone during your workout.

  • interact and navigate any app while on a treadmill.

  • Walk an aggressive dog without dropping your phone from your hand.

  • Avoid damaging or flinging your phone during an unexpected passionate celebration at a sporting event.


Trainers can video their training session with mobility in sync with their trainee, capturing the right and wrong movements on video as it is happening, then playing it back immediately for corrective instructions or to point out the fast improvements and progress that is being made because the trainee can see their form and movements in real-time. 

The SelfieGlove can turn your smartphone into a training enhancement tool, giving you the mobility you need to record every movement.

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