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Bringing real mobility to your mobile phone



Statistics have shown, we are more likely to wreck our smartphones during fun and recreational time compared to any other times.  With your selfieGlove, you can be carefree and fully mobile with your smartphone.  Run, play, be adventurous, have fun, while "pixing" and videoing everything.  It is much easier to do it when your phone is safe and secure enclosed in a selfieGlove.  


This is all possible because when your mobile phone is inside the selfieGlove enclosure it's impossible to drop it during fast movements of your arms and hands while having fun at a sporting event, concert, public or special events, and much more, including roller coasters and water slides. (see Mobility video)


Your "pixing" and videoing will be steadier with more control of capturing the moment as you extend the limits of what you can do, now that your selfieGlove is giving you a smarter grip on technology. 


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