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The Selfie Glove solves 2 major problems for smartphone users.  1. Not able to take stable “mobile” videos or pics with their smartphones while in motion.  The number one pleasure for using your smartphone.  98.6 percent of polled users are frequent users of their smartphone's cameras. (by International Business Times)   2. Smartphone users dropping and damaging their mobile phones. Everyone in the world is susceptible to dropping and damaging their mobile phones.  


One market example in the US: 23 million Americans have damaged their phones while watching a sporting event, 12 percent flung their phone in a fit of passion, while 13 percent dropped their phone into their beers. There are many other ways to drop and damage your phone even while inside a case. (by Scripted Survey)


We are the only Tech Wear Apparel Glove in this space, created to keep your mobile phone in your hand where it was designed to be for convenient usage and functionality.


Americans have spent $23.5 billion on repairing or replacing damaged smartphones in the seven years since the first iPhone debuted, according to a recent study (by SquareTrade), which sells consumer electronics warranties. 


We already have the blueprint in place for continuous scalability.


Smartphone subscriptions are predicted to increase globally to 6.1 billion by the end of 2020, up from 2.6 Billion subscriptions globally in 2014. (Mobility Report by Ericsson)


33% of mobile phones get broken every year. (by Scripted Survey)


60% of Americans use their smartphones for taking photos or videos. (Pew Research Center)


Our continuous improvement and development of innovative solutions will allow The Smarter Grip Company to remain the industry leader in this space.


Almost 90% of Millennials say their phones never leave their sides. (USA TODAY).  We make it easier for their smartphones to never have to leave their hands.


Lucrative Exit Strategy for our investors.


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