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Eleven Great Things!















The Selfie Glove fits your hand without tension, pressure, or a need to grip your mobile phone with one or both hands.


The Selfie Glove eliminates the fear and anziety caused by the insecurity of dropping your mobile phone and protects your phone from being damaged.


The Selfie Glove relieves some well-known exacerbating symptoms caused from constantly gripping a mobile phone over a long period of time; such as, inflammation, tendinitis and carpal tunnel.


When using the Selfie Glove your arm and hand muscles are not tensed nor needed to continuously grip your mobile phone, your hand muscles can remain relaxed as you simply move your hand/arm in the direction of the subject or object which makes capturing pictures with ease.


The Selfie Glove is the perfect apparatus for those suffering with Cerebral Palsey, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Tourette's Syndrome, Huntington's Disease, and other brain and neurological disorders that causes your hand and or body to shake or twitch uncontrollably.


When using your Selfie Glove, your mobile phone will be secure in your hand, during high action-pack movement of your hands, arms or body.


The Selfie Glove provides stability to your mobile phone, making it less likely to have unsteady movement that causes blurry video or pictures when capturing a fast paced sporting event or show.


The Selfie Glove allows you to take pictures faster and more accurately.


The Selfie Glove lets you hold your mobile phone with one hand regardless of the size of your hand or finger.


The Selfie Glove allows full functionality of your mobile phone without any restrictions. Listen to music, play games, answer phone calls, typing a text message and sending emails are even easier with your Selfie Glove.

The selfie Glove is perfect for theme parks, sporting events, boating and most under water sports.

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