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The selfieGlove is the perfect apparatus to help those with medical conditions that prevent them from holding, gripping and being truly mobile with their smartphones in their hand. This would apply to those suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Tourette's Syndrome, Huntington's Disease, and other brain and neurological disorders that cause the hand and or body to shake or twitch uncontrollably.

The lack of muscle coordination or muscle strength that prevents the ability to grip and hold onto a smartphone is no longer an impossible challenge with the new and timely selfieGlove. With the purchase of a selfieGlove, they will finally have a true mobile phone.


Unisex; soft expandable material suitable for men or women, available in x-small, small, medium and Large.

Open thumb design of the Selfie Glove allows the freedom of your thumb to touch your smartphone home button, activate your thumbprint password, swipe your screen, navigate your apps, take pictures, record videos on demand, as well as other smartphone commands normally performed by your thumb.

Open finger half finger-length lower material design keeps the smartphone enclosure firm to the palm of your hand and the fingerless glove allow the hands to breathe, which makes them a hygienic and a more comfortable option over full-length gloves. The open finger non-material accommodates any finger length and long nails.

Neoprene padding material between the glove and phone enclosure provides good stability and maintains it’s flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Spandex Glove synthetic fiber is known for its exceptional elasticity, stability, and durability, providing the strength to hug the shape of your hand without restricting your palm from folding towards the phone or fingers from flexing.

GrosGrain Loop over the 2 middle finger and sewed securely onto the Neoprene padding for a smooth one pull removal of the Selfie Glove from your hand.

Thin Neoprene padding, in concert with Spandex material, gives you a comfortable fit, expanding and retracting in unison with such comfort…

you may think, “is my hand in the Selfie Glove or is the Selfie Glove on my hand”

Estimated delivery date is based on when you place your order. Customized per order selfieGloves may take 6 to 8 weeks to receive.

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